BluFeeld provides optimal interactive app development and software solutions to help clients make a successful mark in the business scape. We deploy a range of intelligent software and stunning and functional web tools and apps with a focused and steadfast approach to help you achieve your set goals.



Mobile App Development

The world of mobile applications evolves incredibly fast, and our team of designers and developers evolve right with it, in order to help you launch successful mobile apps to give your business a much-needed boost.

High-Speed Web Apps

We are experts in the field of enterprise-grade extensive web applications with a mission to build reliable, quality-rich web applications that guarantee user satisfaction and high returns for the investors.

UI/UX Strategy & Design

We will sit with you to gain a deep understanding of your unique business systems and needs, and design an effective User Interface design based on this deep understanding. This guarantees ease of use, increased customer satisfaction and a better bottom line for your business.

ERP services

We have immense expertise in implementing ERP software services aimed at increasing the efficiency of your business module. From working around seamless integrations to data migrations and customized developments, our ERP services guarantee a full-scale optimization best suited for your business.

CRM systems

We offer custom-made CRM (customer relationship management) solutions that guarantee increased productivity and your leadership in your industry. We will help you choose the best platform for your customized applications and work hard to push your CRM system to the forefront.

Cloud Computing and AWS

We offer efficient and scalable cloud solutions that align perfectly with your business interests, and professional end-to-end platform management services with the ability to build new cloud infrastructures, consistent optimizations, and software enhancements.

Specialized Native Apps

We are well versed in the art and science of augmenting native apps and are extremely successful in reducing the on-boarding time for such native apps from months to days.

Developing Hybrid Apps

We help businesses bring down their developments costs by a huge margin while also effectively increasing their ROI when they adopt our pivotal Hybrid (web) application development procedures.

Seamless Cross-Platform Apps

Our experts have developed highly customizable and spontaneous cross-platform mobile applications utilizing technologies such as Xamarin, Kony, and Ionic, etc to enable them function with flexibility.

Apps with multiple OS integration

We dedicatedly craft and custom-build engaging and interactive mobile apps for different platforms and operating systems, anything from Android, iOS and Windows to mobile app developing platforms like Appery.io, Android Studio, and Apache Cordova.


We don't just craft interactive and captivating mobile applications at Blufeeld, but also work hard to deliver value as per our client's design vision. Here's how we work:

Identifying the Core Need

The first step is to identify the purpose of the mobile app you're commissioning so that we can decide on its features and functionality.

Exploring the Functional Features

After we have established the essential requirements of your app, we will implement the app in an interactive manner. It is at this point that we pitch forward significant parameters such as target users, the platforms and systems supporting the app, as well as the revenue model.

Designing Databases and Wireframes

The next step is a thorough brainstorming session where details of the app are preliminarily decided upon and iterated over time with additional input and feedback.

Creating a Prototype with Tools

Our app prototype is grounded with working tangibles, and it is at this step that we introspect and devise changes, while including interactive analytic tools to provide some very pivotal data.

Releasing the Final Product

At Blufeeld, we understand that designing is a fluid process that may fluctuate back and forth but that eventually culminates in an award-winning design. It's only after satisfying results that we officially release the app on its intended platforms.