User-Specific Solutions

We deal with every aspect of CRM/ERP development, from planning to setting strategies, and building architecture and infrastructure to implementing solutions that best fit the client's business module and requirements. We develop new apps right from scratch and augment and integrate existing ones.


Professional CRM Solutions

At BluFeeld, we enable businesses to select a smart and affordable CRM solution that is best suited to their industry and market trends.

  • New CRM Solutions

    We will help you sift through the pros and cons of varied systems and then provide you with tailor-made CRM solution. In this respect, we offer data migration, integration, and team engagement services.

  • Boost your CRM

    We will analyze your existing CRM solution and then work to improve it by providing the latest upgrades and configuration details. We are experts in optimizations, CRM auditing, data transformation, and administration support.

Trust BluFeeld to make your CRM Customizations and Implementations Easy

Devising the best CRM Strategy

We will help deploy the most suitable CRM solution for your business model, with our attention firmly fixed on workability, productivity, and effect on system performance. It is our policy to formulate a comprehensive process on optimizing CRM, strategizing data, and implementing a solution that naturally bolsters your marketing, sales, and leads.

CRM Implementation

We support our clients from all ends - right from consolidation of data to migrating and integrating it in a new system while also equipping your team with means and expertise in handling the new implements.

Connection with other Applications

We incorporate CRM into other software and applications to enable the comprehensive functioning of your business. Our aim is to thwart multiple disconnected systems, thereby eliminating instances of double work or fetching of erroneous and inarticulate data.

Data Migration

We are experts in transferring data and migrating it efficiently to the newer systems. We also support your organization in formulating ways to track information and in streamlining protocols for your team.

CRM Configurations & Customizations

We develop plugins, workflows, form scripts, and other customizable dashboards and reporting features that benefit your team's efficiency. .

Tailor-made Solutions

Licensing costs can drive clients to look for a solution that is custom-built for their business needs. We at BluFeeld are adept at developing Custom CRM apps and series that can allow you to not just circumvent licensing expenses but also bolster your venture's reach and success.